Just a bit about Me

I'm a big advocate for getting to know your photographer. It makes sessions more enjoyable for all and to be honest, I can get a better response out of kids during a session if it's not the first time that we've met. Also, we photographers are just great fun people who love what we do and want to share that passion with the world. So let's get to know each other. Here- I'll start.

I really would love to hear more about you. About your big day, your family, or your big event. But what does all this about me have to do with you? If you decided that timelines aren't for you, no worries, I'll summarize so the rest of this makes sense.  (*Adoption Link*)

The Nutshell

I'm married. I'm a Texan transplanted in Florida #beachlife. I love Jesus. The more important part is that I graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2013. A vast majority of my collegiate career was invested in the architecture program until I shot my first wedding in 2011. I then learned that I had more than one true love calling my name, so I switched and blazed my own trail. My final degree, you ask? 

B.F.A. in Photography & Minor in Architectural History

Fitting. I know. And I love every single one of those letters that fill out that line.

How does this translate to what you need to know?

Those formative years of schooling were crucial to my aesthetic development, personal flair, and all around fine art level of imagery that make you look good no matter what you're doing.  Combine that with who I already was and you have all the factors that makes my perspective one-of-a-kind. I love lines, and angles, and shapes, and juxtaposition of those things with soft elements like flowers and fabrics. I like my images clean and easy to read, not bogged down with so much stuff it looks like Where's Waldo. And for you list-makers out there, here it is bulleted and ready to go.

Things I bring to the table

  • A cohesive collection of images that give a true representation of your day or family from a fine art perspective
  • Clean and easy-on-the-eyes photographs that blend together well in an album or hold their own on the wall
  • Detail-oriented editing that keeps the images consistent and focused on you
  • A stress-free experience that makes you look and feel good 
  • Originality in concept while still holding true to your personal styling

Sounds wonderful! now what?

Now that we're off to a great start, you may want to go ahead and schedule your consultation. If you're craving some more info like this, check out why we're a great fit. Or maybe you're ready to fall in love with some pics- the portfolio is the place to be.