Photography is just that. An investment. It's an investment in memories to hold and share in the future, it gives a greater value to the moment at hand. Photography is what allows us to relive important moments in our lives with loved ones in greater detail. To show the way her dress moved as she danced with her father, to allow for a mother to share with her daughter how similar they looked at their own graduations, to provide timeless heirlooms through newborn photos. Photography can be a fun thing to include, but it's essential in documenting the important life stages that we all go through. 

Like any other investment, you want to choose how much and in what you are going to invest it. My pricing reflects that structure and I'd love to discuss your specific photography needs and help you build a package to fit you. So tell me, what are you looking for?


Looking to upgrade your business appearance? Like the rest of my business model, it's mostly based off of your needs, but there are some standardized packaging, like Click Appeal, to help you get started. Schedule a consultation so a personalized quote can be created.